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Ashley Phua - Associate

Ashley graduated from University of Tasmania, Australia with a Bachelor of Laws degree in December 2011 and was admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore in 2014.

Areas of Practice
Ashley currently undertakes various civil, commercial, matrimonial and criminal matters under the Managing Partner and a Partner.

Work Experience
Assisted in a wide range of civil and commercial litigation disputes, including those involving contract, building and construction law, professional indemnity, breach of directors’ duties and shareholders’ disputes, bankruptcy and corporate insolvency. Assisted in the defence of various criminal cases involving the police, traffic police, CPIB, MOM, EMA, IRAS, ICA and other prosecutions.

Assisting the Managing Partner and Partner’s appearance in a spectrum of litigation matters in the State Courts, Singapore High Court and Court of Appeal.

Drafting various legal documents, including but not limited to drafting of pleadings for civil and matrimonial matters, Further and Better Particulars, opening statements, submissions for Order 14 hearing, submissions for resisting applications to set aside default judgments, closing submissions for trial, letters of representations and mitigation pleas and preparing cross-examination questions. Drafting of wills, Power of Attorney and legal documents in grant of probate and letters of administration.

Representing clients in various civil, criminal and matrimonial matters in the Subordinate Courts and the High Court of Singapore, including attending pre-trial conferences, status conferences and mediation sessions at the Family Court and the Child Focused Resolution Centre, mention hearings, criminal case management system sessions, criminal case disclose conferences, and plead guilty mentions.

Advising clients on various issues relating to contentious / non-contentious civil, criminal and matrimonial matters.

About Ashley
Ashley joined Union Law LLP as an Associate in 2015. Ashley is a member of the Law Society of Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Law. Ashley enjoys long-distance running and had participated in numerous marathons and running events over the years.