Experienced and committed lawyers make up Union Law LLP. We are a full service law firm who understand that clients who come to us for help need effective, honest and practical advice in dealing with their needs. We believe in giving our clients a frank assessment of their situation and then working towards a solution that best serves their interests; with no beating around the bush.

We believe that it is important to build-up a reputation for honesty, professional integrity and cost-effective service to clients. This ensures that our clients keep coming back for future needs and help to promote us through word-of-mouth without the need to advertise. Our clients include MNCs, public-listed companies, SMEs and individuals, both local and foreign, the majority of whom have been with our lawyers for many years.

Our firm is no stranger to acting for the Davids in dealing with the Goliaths. Because of the nature of the cases we handle, we are regularly instructed to and are well- versed in acting against large and well-known corporate entities and the large law firms that represent them. We have acted against, among others, global and local banks, integrated resorts, GLCs, REITs, international insurance companies, listed companies, foreign MNCs, restructured hospitals, large MCSTs and wealthy individuals. In criminal cases, we are regularly up against the powers and resources of the Public Prosecutor/Attorney Generalís Chambers.

We are here for the long term, and while we do not take on all cases, for those we do, we give the commitment that we will always do our best.